Argent Kvasnikoff

Argent Kvasnikoff

Alaska Native Artist

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New Perspectives, Old Problem - Colonialism

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I'm an American artist currently living in my big, cold, empty home state of Alaska. On the spectrum of art vs. design my work heavily resides in the art side, however I am constantly intrigued by the applications of principles derived from art in design projects and ethics.

I was born in Homer, Alaska, and have always been deeply engaged with fine arts since my earliest memories at home. At age 13 I began to further engage in fine arts by starting Rennaissance-era art history study independently, spending my free time working on a series of abstractions using acrylic paint and found materials, and creating my own style of comic illustration. While I have not had formal studio training my education has always revolved around the arts in some level. While attending Capilano University in Vancouver, Canada, I became further interested in the arts while studying anthropology and language and discovering the unique but often uncommonly known connections between art movements and civil developments. Much of my formative inspiration came from the artists and institutions in the Vancouver area, especially from the post-modernist movement and those engaged in the beginning of the "synthesis age" that attempt to evoke social solutions by hybridizing our glut of knowledge and materials harvested during the information age.

In 2010 I moved back to Alaska to assume an administrative position with my Dena'ina culture tribe's indigenous government and social services offices. During my time there I became involved with the arts further, creating and administering social arts initiatives and events in rural areas of the Kenai Peninsula region of Alaska. I also participated in several indigenous cultural projects and much of the experience gained continues to be reflected in my current work.

In early 2014 I left my administrative position and began my work as an independent artist and designer, and today I am continuing to be happily working on my various projects and series.

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