Jen Alvarez The Rainmaker

Jen Alvarez The Rainmaker

Founder, DreamYou University

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​My name is Jen Alvarez. I am also known as Jen The Rainmaker. My nahuatl name is Xochiquetzalli (SHO-CHEE-KET-SALL-E) which means the blossoming one.

I am a Native Dream Guide who founded DreamYOU University to teach people how to create their dream lives while sleeping using an ancient practice that has been passed down in secrecy for thousands of years by my Chichimeca/Toltec ancestors known as dream planting.

This practice has been used by my clients to create spiritual, physical, mental and tangible results.

I am a former corporate coach with a mission to leave a legacy that will help trillions of people live their dream lives by reprogramming their subconscious while they sleep. I know if I help trillions of people I will have fulfilled the prophecy of my ancestors and these teachings will live on long after my physical body is gone.

I created micro dreaming ®. It is a technique that offers the same benefits as sacred plants without taking any hallucinogens. My clients have said these practices have completely transformed their lives.

I also facilitate retreats for corporations and individuals, events, one- on- one Executive Coaching, keynote speaking, ceremonies, online group training programs and in person training.

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